CVMARJ:Clube de Veículos Militares Antigos do Rio de Janeiro-BRAZIL
CVMARJ is a civilian non profitable, non political / religious organization, dedicated to preserve antique military vehicles in Rio de Janeiro and other states of Brazil.
is the first mv club in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It was officially founded on June 6th 2001, after several mv owners in Rio decided to join together to create an mv club, much in the inspiration of MVPA and its several associates found around the world. CVMARJ has close association with the Imperial Jeep Club, from nearby city Petrópolis (the first MVPA afiliate in Brasil).
The main asset of the club is to give a serious focus on the restoration and preservation of military vehicles, not only those in the hands of private collectors, but also the very few vehicles with historical value left in museums and military organizations around Brazil. Our club is managing to make a wide line of communication with many mv owners, not only in Rio de Janeiro, but also several other cities from several states around Brazil (one of our members has recently found a rare Bantam BRC-40 and is carrying out a careful restoration of this unique vehicle). We have frequent apperances on automobile related tv programmes, newspapers and magazines ever since the club was founded.
Much of the information we provide is accessible through the web site of the club - - as well as our recently released newsletter, "Companhia C", where we offer some very basic concepts of correct restoration, acceptable modifications, correct painting, marking of vehicles and many more aspects. CVMARJ is calling all mv owners and local authorities to discuss the need of an specific legislation to legalize, recognize, evaluate and judge antique military vehicles around Brazil, based on the MVPA guidelines and applied to our local reality.
Our contacts and connections with some historical institutions of the Brazilian Armed Forces are rendering some great results: our vehicles take part in several civic celebrations, exhibitions and shows promoted by the Military. We are currently sponsoring two projects:
1- Restoration of a Dodge WC-56, used by the Brazilian Air Force in Italy during WWII, for the Museu Aeroespacial (Brazilian Air Force "Air and Space Museum", Rio de Janeiro).
2- Creation of a "living museum" of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force for special presentations in the grounds of the Vila Militar, Rio de Janeiro, with several running mvs used by the Brazilian forces in the E.T.O. (like M-8 Greyhound, M3A1 Half Track, jeeps, GMC CCKW), and some Axis vehicles (Kübbelwagen and Opel Blitz).
CVMARJ also takes part in several antique car fairs in Rio and cities nearby, expositions, car shows and specially planned rides around town, all through the year. We have a weekly meeting at our "headquarters" every Wednesday, at 19:30hs.
We could explain why there is interest for a military vehicle's club in our country. Brazil has a very pioneering history as far as military vehicles go. It was among the first few countries in the world to have a mechanized chavalary in the mid 20's, with the French Renaut FT-17 as main vehicle. In the mid 30's, many other European vehicles were used by the Brazilian Army, like the Italian "tanquette" Fiat Ansaldo or the German all-wheel traction light vehicle Tempo. Unfortunately, many of these vehicles vanished without a trace.
FEBWith the declaration of war against the Axis in 1942 and the joining of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force in 1944 along with the American 5th Army in the Italian Campaign, the United States begun providing equipment for the Brazilian Forces through the Lend Lease act. A great amount of military vehicles of that age came to Brazil. So that, part of the military vehicle history can still be found in Brazilian lands. We are trying to dig out official information of the "wheres and whens" concerning military vehicles sent to Brazilian Forces during and after the conflict. It is very common to see World War II, 50's and 60's jeeps around the streets or Sherman tanks, half tracks and other deactivated mv's displayed at public squares in several Brazilian state's capitals. Brazilian Expeditionary Force and jeeps - Italy 44/45
We at CVMARJ are very surprised when we realize that the hobby of collecting and restoring antique military vehicles is growing to a great number of enthusiast, frequently joining our mailing list. We strongly advise our members to join MVPA - there is even a link at our website. Our logo was based on the MVPA logo, which identifies many mv clubs around the world (we used the Brazilian national colors and the name of our club over the MVPA logo).
CVMARJ "HEADQUARTERS": Rua General Polidoro 33, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro - 22280-001 Brasil - Meetings: Wednesdays at 19:30hs.
President: João Barone (MVPA # 19287)
Vice President : Clélio Galvão Ferreira
Secretary: Roberto Maués (MVPA# 19090)
Treasurer: Humberto Cordeiro
C.O.O.: Rubens Riet (MVPA# 20147)
Technical Director: José Dellatorre
Board of Counselors:
João Paulo Lopes (MVPA# 18649)
Roberto Amboni (MVPA# 23072)
Lourenço Rodolfo(MVPA# 24624)
João Henrique Barone
Newsletter "Companhia C" Editor: João Barone